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Lenses for Canon EOS system
This database contain a part of lenses for Canon EOS system only.       
No waranty for error-free...

The following lists of technical data and additional information are not a complete lists of lenses designed for Canon EOS system.
Konwn problems and comments on the various lenses, are indicated in the column Info
Partial ranking based on a weighted average (at least 3 assessments) of the ratings many recognized photographic portals in the world.
The assessment does not receive any results of the company DxO whose black box DxOMark too rigid to only 2 factors holding (f-value and camera sensor) and says more about the camera sensors, as about the optics.

Database contains currently over 300 items - small part of the many hundred lenses, which are also available for users of EOS. Missing optics will be step by step added to the database, and missing or erroneous information will be corrected, if possible.
The database is permanently in progress and includes products from Canon, Samyang, Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Zeiss and other, which are offered by the manufacturer for EF or EF-S bayonet mount.
Lenses that can be used on EOS using a Canon adapter-mount, are not included.

Some lenses are also available for other systems, sometimes with restrictions, such as - without AF or Aperture control by Nikon bodies without own body AF motor. This obviously limits the use of all the features of some of the lenses on other systems - such as the Pentax and Sony cameras in connection with ultrasonic lenses motor.

Technical data such as length, diameter and weight are refered to the products of Canon bayonet mount. Parts of the information are missing, either because I could not get to certain data, or met with contradictory information.

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The technical data was collected with the greatest possible care, but -due to typos or contradictory information in the data source- there certainly can be some discrepancies. Additional informations and corrections are still welcome.

Meaning of the symbols in the tables:

- YES- NO- not applicable
- lens hood
  in set
- Case
  in set
- tripod ring
- missig data

Glossary - terms and abbreviations in the tables

FTM Full Time Manual - direct manual interventions during active AF at any time 
DI Rearfilter / gelatin filter - rear mounting on the lens
IS Image Stbilizer - optical image stabilization  Canon
OS Optical Stbilizer - optical image stabilization Sigma 
VC Vibration Compensation - optical image stabilization  Tamron 
AUTO-IS automatic tripod detection (IS will be set off)
FILTER-FIX fixed front element (filter holder)- not turning
E-TTL II feedback from the AF distance to the camera for the exact setting of the flash intensity
AFD & Micromotor classical AF drive with gear, rel. slowly and noisily
Micro USM  drive faster as a rule without FTM
Ring USM fastest and best driving with FTM
USM Ultrasonic Motor - Fast and Quiet AF ultrasonic motor drive from Canona
HSM Hyper Sonic Motor - Fast and Quiet AF ultrasonic motor drive from Sigma
GMR Giant Magneto Resistance - Fast and Quiet AF ultrasonic motor drive from Tokina 
USD & PZD  Ultrasonic Silent Drive , PieZo Drive - Fast and Quiet AF motor drive from Tamron 

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